We offer programs and materials to build dramatically different skills for life. We integrate role theory, brain research, power dynamics, social / emotional intelligence, and stories from accomplished Heroes, Leaders and Champions. These quality resources promote improved health, happiness and success. Programs and materials have been created by Diana B. Thompson and Dr. Betty Brittain Ed.D.



In 1976, Dr. Betty Brittain created a technique she called ‘SOLVE’ while serving as administrator for an underprivileged elementary school located beneath the flight path of the Atlanta Hartsfield Airport. This was a simple, yet effective approach to responding to problems using five action steps: Stop, Observe, Listen, Visualize, and Engage. The students thrived. The materials have evolved through the years, and have been tested through traditional classrooms.

In 1982, Diana began directing theatre with an emphasis on delivering life skills. She soon realized the students needed life skills more than they needed a quality theatre experience. In 1984, she vowed to never direct a traditional show again. Diana developed experimental theatre techniques to advance these skills and integrated them into creative arts programming. She embraced Dr. Brittains materials and integrated them into her prorgrams, original stories and take home materials.



There are so many problems in the world today. Suicide is a leading cause of death for young people ages 10-24. One in 50 children are diagnosed on the autistic spectrum. 91% of all women are dissatisfied with their bodies. 600,000 children miss school each day for fear of bullying. Depression is a major health crisis. Sadly, the number of problems seem never ending. But, we have an opportunity to resond to those problems individually and collectively in a more productive way. And, thats why we are here.



We are committed to changing the way people think about problem solving.  The fact is, most people dont think about the process by which they go about solving problems the thoughts, emotions, and beliefs that produce results. Our goal is to strengthen the problem solving process to increase communication and cooperation. We strive to promote Heroes, Leaders and Champions.



We are going where we are needed.  We hope you will join us.

(Drawing by a first grade Super Hero reads: I got it. I will solve the problem. Fiting (sic) about what to play).


Denver Juvenile Court
Denver Museum of Nature and Science
Childrens Museum of Denver
Art Street
Lutheran Refugee Services for Immigrant Survivors of War and Torture
Denver Language School
Central City Opera
Montclair Elementary
Ebert Elementary
Bill Roberts Elementary
Odyssey School
Slaven’s School
Hope Center
Graland School
McAuliffe School
NYC’s PS111
Temple Sinai
Clayton State College Georgia
Kent School Denver
Family Crisis Center
Little Elementary
Dora Moore Elementary
Cresthill Middle School
Platt Middle School
Kearney Middle School
Vikan Middle School
Barrett Elementary
Smith Renaissance Elementary
Columbian Elementary


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