Over the past year, I have been involved in the rebuilding of a house. You see, it’s 100 years old, and it needed work. A lot of work. The foundation had been sinking far too long. We knew it needed attention, but didn’t know what to do. So, we tried to ignore the problem. Little clues kept reminding us the problems were getting worse.

‘Experts’ provided temporary repairs and offered demolition services. To really fix it was ‘too much work.’ After years of searching, we found a contractor willing and able to tackle the problem. Looking closely, we discovered the issue was much deeper than we ever imagined. We would have to dig, and dig deep to build a secure footing. Sinking walls must be lifted. Soft brick must be reinforced. Cracks must be filled. We would work from the bottom up and from the inside out.

Over the next year, we tackled every detail one at a time. Floors were leveled and doors made square. Windows opened and drafts were sealed. Over time, our house became a dream home. It is warm, beautiful, and strong. It will stand another hundred years. Why? Because it has a solid foundation.

Solid emotional foundations are essential in children. Foundations are critical for long term health, happiness and success. A strong foundation provides stability in bad weather and years to come. Dramatic Adventures is here to help you identify where problems exist. We offer tools to build a stronger foundation for your child. Don’t wait!