Child, Family, and Teen Based Programs

Hero Family Training

Train your child to THINK and ACT like a Hero, Leader,  Champion. This program offers stand alone tools to address individual issues, or at-home 30 day training for greater results. Activities easily integrate into your already busy schedule.

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Emotional Intelligence


CinderSilly is from our Emotional Intelligence series, designed to help students recognize, identify, and manage every day emotions. CinderSilly is available on its own, or as part of the  7 Days to EQ Program.


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Coming Soon: A 6-week program designed to improve feelings confidence and control. Students learn self directed techniques for navigating social and performance anxiety.

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Family Team Training


Family playshops help families to create their own super hero team.  Through creative games and specially designed activities, families design their own problem solving approach in a fun and playful environment.  Every family member has his or her own response to problems when they arise.  This program puts a playful spin on every day problems and brings families closer together. Advanced team training for families to transform problems into opportunities and relationship building. Provides tools to help siblings self manage.